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The Chalet School Curriculum

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The Chalet School Curriculum


The Chalet School has a strong community ethos, where building meaningful and trusting relationships, supported by a well structured and organised curriculum, enables pupils to realise their own individual successes and celebrate their achievements. Through our broad curriculum we support the pupils to further develop their own spiritual, moral, social and cultural identity and this is emphasised throughout everything we do.

We intend for all of our pupils to have a secure foundation in the core subjects so that they can access the world in a more meaningful way. Pupils will access subject specific knowledge with a particular focus on our core subjects of Maths, Literacy and PSHE/RSE. In addition, we recognise that many of our pupils have a wide variety of interests and we want to ensure that their knowledge is built upon in the areas that interest them. By experiencing a range of subjects we enable our pupils to gain new knowledge and skills so that they can broaden their interests and understanding of the curriculum. Foundation subjects are taught to ensure that the knowledge pupils acquire is individualised and that they have opportunities to practice and demonstrate their learning through structured lessons and less formal methods to support the pupils’ understanding of the world around them. The Chalet School curriculum is drawn from the National Curriculum, Early Years Foundation Stage and Birth to 5 Matters to ensure pupils are taught what they need to know in the correct sequence for knowledge acquisition and the correct stage of their development.

Total Communication is at the heart of our curriculum aiming to support the understanding and learning of autistic pupils so that they can form positive relationships with others. It is key to them developing their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum and also develops areas within Personal Development such as social communication, social interaction, independence, learning, emotional understanding and sensory processing. This is key to the development of the whole child and ensuring that they are able to thrive in the wider world and take an active role in their community, understanding their place in the local community and their wider responsibilities as a British citizen.

We value the outside spaces across the school site, including a school garden, woodland learning area and school pond, which enables pupils to find physical activity that they enjoy and helps them learn about the importance of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. In addition, spacious playgrounds enable all pupils to learn ‘inside, outside and everywhere’ 

Subject Curriculum Intents

All subjects are carefully planned to ensure sequential learning that meets the individual needs of our pupils. They build on the knowledge that pupils have and identify what they need to acquire next paying careful attention to steps needed to know more.


Schemes of work that are used across the school for different subject areas are:

Phonics – Phonics for pupils with Special Educational Needs

PSHE/RSE – The Chalet School Scheme of Work based on PSHE Association SEND Planning                             Document. 

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